Why the Guitar?
Every child loves the guitar--it's also portable, inexpensive, and fun!
The guitar is a wonderful instrument for connecting with family
and friends--and a great way to be creative and make some noise!

How can I bring Star Guitar to my school?

Just send us an email with your school name, location,
principal's name(or after-school director) and let them know you
want Star Guitar at your school. Then we will do the rest!

Do students need to purchase any books or sheet music?
No, students will be provided a copy of the Star Guitar Booklet
and song sheets for at home practice. Please make sure to keep these items
at home, as teachers will have materials to work with during class.

What size guitar do you recommend for students?

Students, depending on age and size, will need a Full, 3/4 or 1/2 size acoustic guitar
(electric guitar's expectable, but no amps please) for each class. Guitar's can be purchased at
local music stores,on-line, or at most "large retail" stores for $70 to $150.
Please visit our "Mart" page for a list of local music retail stores.

Do you provide rental guitars?
Yes, but we have a limited amount of rental guitars so its "first come first serve".
Students will be provide a suitable sized guitar and soft case for travel and storage. Students will be able to
take the guitar home for practice during the rental period and parents must sign an Rental Agreement
for any lost, stolen, damaged equipment. Please visit our "Mart" page for more information.

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